Deer Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan: Invitation for Public Comments

The Deer Lake Improvement Association recently updated the Aquatic Plant Management Plan for Deer Lake.  Committee members included: Brian Philip Lebens, John Wright, Kate Wright, Keith Bakke, Mark Thayer, Pete Ketchum, and Sharon Kelly.

Plan goals are to:

1)   Protect and restore healthy native aquatic plant communities.

2)   Prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive species.

3)   Respond rapidly and aggressively to any newly introduced invasive, non-native aquatic plant and/or animal species.

4)   Minimize curly leaf pondweed, prevent its spread, and restore healthy native plant communities in its place.

5)   Educate and engage the public regarding lake stewardship.

A draft version of this plan is available for review, and public comments are welcomed through June 19. 

Please send comments to: