Become a Member of the Deer Lake Improvement Association​

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Become a Member of the Deer Lake Improvement Association

It’s easy to join!

The Deer Lake Improvement Association has an Annual Membership fee of $50.00. Membership in the DLIA includes the support of  ongoing water quality work and social programs; if you are a Deer Lake resident you may apply.

There is a request for $50.00 minimum contribution to our fund to address water quality issues. Every lake property owner is asked to contribute this amount to offset the cost of treating the lake for invasive species and algae blooms. This process is beneficial in continuing the preservation of the water quality on Deer Lake. These costs are often offset by DNR grants.

There is also a requested minimum contribution of $50 for the July 4th fireworks display. Visit the Events page for the date of the fireworks. To see just how spectacular past fireworks shows have been, visit the Fireworks page!

The Deer Lake Improvement Association is concerned with many aspects of Deer Lake; from water quality and recreation on the lake to water safety and community social events. The Association along with St. Croix Falls Township improved the public boat launch and installed a new floating dock in 2015.

In addition, the Association works closely with the Conservancy to help facilitate the watershed restoration and reclamation projects that are vital to the health and welfare of Deer Lake, actions that will improve Deer Lake for future generations.

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If you are already a member or are ready to join, click here for the Dues Statement 2023