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What's new?

Welcome back to Deer Lake Summer 2020! We hope you are all healthy. This has been the strangest Spring in recent memory. COVID19 has impacted us all in a variety of ways; from missed graduations and birthdays, births and deaths, and general isolation. The social injustices on top of the pandemic are salt in an already open wound.

In light of the pandemic we have made changes to our normal slate of events, please review the Events page to see what is still taking place and what has been canceled.

We will attempt to make things as normal as possible while still keeping in mind the health and safety of others. We encourage social distancing and the wearing of masks when you are with people with whom you do not live.

As Fall approaches we would like to thank everyone for the support of our limited slate of events this summer. Both the Fireworks and Music on the Lake  were very successful and were able to be held without putting anyone in danger of being exposed to the coronavirus. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and hope to have a full slate of events for the Summer of 2021. 

Please remember to inspect your equipment for zebra mussels as you pull your boats and docks out of the water. If you think you have zebra mussels on your equipment, please place the suspected mussel in a bag with some lake water and call Joan Leedy or John Wright to have the sample collected and sent to a lab for verification. We can try and minimize the spread of zebra mussels if we are all vigilant in our efforts. We want everyone to have a safe and healthy winter and come back to Deer Lake for next year’s festivities!

2019 Here We Come!

Announcing our 2019 Schedule of Events for Deer Lake. Please check the Schedule Page for the most recent changes.

We need to really help boost awareness of invasive species in our lake. We know we have Curly Leaf Pondweed and we have more Zebra Mussels. We need to continue to be vigilant in looking for, identifying and reporting these invasive species. We will try and keep you updated here and on Facebook page at Deer Lake, WI.

Remember to review the WI boater’s safety rules with all who will be piloting watercraft there may have been some rule changes. Be sure you always have enough Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) on board your boat.

We want everyone one to have a safe and fun summer on the water!

Learn About Invasive Species & Clean Boats Clean Waters Program

The DLIA Environmental Committee is hosting an educational session at the Deer Lake Landing off of 140th Avenue on Saturday June 1st at 9 to 10 AM. We will be describing the invasive species in the lake and the ones we are trying to prevent from getting in the lake. We will have samples of the plants and animal species. We will also explain our Clean Boats Clean Waters program where we staff the landing to inspect visiting boats. If you are interested in volunteering for this program, training will be provided. Families and children welcome.

Please join us – coffee and donuts provided. RSVP to leedyjoan@yahoo.com with a count and ages of any kids attending.


Public Announcements

From the Deer Lake Improvement Association Board we hope that this message finds you healthy and well. In light of the coronavirus outbreak we are announcing that all scheduled events will remain on the schedule, but are subject to change or cancellation due to COVID-19. We are following the guidelines as set forth by the Governor of Wisconsin, the WI Department of Health, and the CDC. We are recommending everyone continue social distancing guidelines of maintaining a six foot distance away from others, staying home and sheltering in place until these guidelines are lifted. We will maintain communication via Facebook, the website (www.deerlakewi.com), email and Deer Tales. If you are uncertain as to whether we have your email, please submit it to one of the Board members to be included in our mailing list. We will strive to do as much as we can electronically in the coming months. Below are the event dates as planned (all of which are subject to change or cancellation based on COVID19 pandemic). The Neil Mackenzie Youth Fishing Tournament will not be held this year on June 13th. The Mackenzie family wishes to thank all the residents of Deer Lake that have volunteered time, boats, PFD’s etc and assure them that next year the Neil Mackenzie Youth Fishing Tournament will return. Here are the remainder of scheduled events: (subject to change) July 2 Fireworks 10 pm July 3 Light up The Lake 10pm Fireworks (Storm Date) July 4 Boat Parade 1 pm Music on the Lake 7 pm July 10 Pontoon Party 6 pm –CANCELLED July 11 Annual Meeting 9 am – CANCELLED (Reports will be mailed) July 25 Flagstad Farm Picnic 6 pm- CANCELLED Aug 1 Music on the Lake 7 pm Aug 22 Festival Theatre Night 7 pm

Aquatic Plant Management Plan CLP Treatment Permit

Click on the link below to review the permit application for the Aquatic Plant Management Plan for Curly Leaf Pondweed Treatment. The permit application is being made available for public review. Comments regarding the plan should be directed to Cheryl Clemens at Harmony Environmental.  Send an email to: harmonyenv@amerytel.com

Deer Lake CLP permit 2021

If you have questions or concerns you may contact Joan Leedy, Chair of the Environmental Committee; Bob Fedderly, President DLIA; or Cheryl Clemens of Harmony Environmental, Amery, WI. harmonyenv@amerytel.com

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Controlling Runoff – Better manage the runoff into the Lake.

Runoff Checklist – Identify runoff concerns on your property.

Shoreline Buffer Restoration Guide – Natural buffer ideas.

Restoration Stories – Find out how others were successful.

Native Plant List – What grows around our lake?

Native Seed Sources – What grows in our prairies and watersheds?


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